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project management software

What is Project Management Software?

Project Management Software is the programming involved in various projects for project arranging, asset allocation, and booking. Best Project Management systems empower project managers and whole groups to control their expenditure plan, quality management, and all documentation exchanged through a project. 

Management software is beneficial when a single project is shared among different partners while keeping in view that the board is one of the center elements of a business association. The task of the Project capacity ought to be upheld by programming. Koncept solutions have a dedicated website koncept-pms to guide its users in detail, So they won’t miss anything.

Why use Project Management software for Businesses?

Before Project Management software was designed, businesses had to handle the project on board through paper. This resulted in delivering tons of paper records and scanning them for data which was not very professional.

Project management software tools are now more accessible at a reasonable expense for small businesses. Now Organizations have started using projects for their smooth running.

This turned out to be very famous among every one of the businesses, and this product was immediately taken on by the task of the local board area.

The question might arise of what a Project Management Software does precisely.

 Project Management System thinks of Projects as a concise, engaging effort of explicit assigning tasks planned to achieve a solitary goal. It frequently includes different groups’ cooperation.

Project management uses information, abilities, instruments, and strategies to extend exercises to meet the task necessities. 

Steps of Project Management Cycle

The project management software development cycle is divided into four stages.

The primary objective of this whole cycle is to finish projects proficiently while delivering quality outcomes.

Planning phase

The planning phase includes building the project structure. Devising the structure will help the project manager to achieve their goal within a defined time limit.

The planning phase starts by defining the budget limitations, creating a project management plan, and finding the project scope and work breakdown structure. It further includes doing qualitative and quantitative risk analyses and finding risk responses.

The planning phase of the life cycle is essential as it helps team members to only understand the idea of the project and understand precisely what the team needs to do to reach the finish line on time and within budget.

Executing phase

In the executing phase, the budget and resources allocation. In this step, the project plan that is made in the first step is implemented. Implementing this phase might take time.

Project Managers define the execution phase as managing teams working effectively, defining deadlines, and setting the goals for the project. It includes team growth, stakeholder appointment, and quality assurance activities on a formal or informal basis.

Monitoring and controlling phase

The monitoring and controlling phase involves tracing the project. The progress is then checked against an initial plan to find areas where more changes are required. 

Monitoring and Controlling are a must, even with the perfect planning. It would be best if you were constantly attentive with tracking and reporting. Only with this, any project can run smoothly.

Closing phase

The closing Phase is the final step of the project life cycle. In this step, the Project Manager has to check if the project is done. In simple words, it is the formal closure of the project. 

The project manager has to get a sign-off or approval from the customer, stakeholders, and project sponsor. 

It includes verifying the following checklist

  • Delivering the project
  • Hosting a post-mortem meeting
  • Archiving project records
  • Celebrating or acknowledging the achievement
  • Officially disbanding or releasing the team

The importance of this final step of the project life cycle can’t be overstated, especially when temporary teams come together around a detailed project.

 The team is then disbanded and regrouped for another project. 

How to choose the best project management software?

Choosing which project management platform is well suited to your business is not an easy task.

It is vital that you consider the needs of a variety of business types, recognizing project planning for complex projects that need to oversee many activities, individuals, and financial programs at the same time.

Project Management Software

Benefits of Project Management Software

Generally, a Project Management system benefits organizations by following the advancement of projects, campaigns, assets, distribution, and events across an association. 

With a project, the board programming, project directors, and group leads can more readily comprehend how associations and groups are pacing and assist with keeping groups in total agreement.

From finding requirements to overseeing assets and from the financial plans of the managers to a collaborative effort with team members, there is a great deal to be thought about while running and supervising projects. 

It remains constant while also picking the right project for the project management software tools.

 Here is a rundown of the five main key benefits of the project management software of Koncepts Solutions to guide you in your choice.

Task records – having the option to allow and refresh the situation with the task, so everybody in your team is in total agreement is essential.

Plans – many tools offer schedules, Gantt outlines, or achievement devices that assist you with understanding where a task squeezes into the task in general and how long it should take to finish it.

Record sharing – having the option to share and sort out key project archives kills time wasted looking for documents.

Communication – this is basic in the project for the smooth advancement means quick and simple critical thinking.

Detailing – this is significant for all team members regarding updating themselves on the task overall. 

Anyway, this is likewise enormous in addition for project managers who need to guarantee that the project is advancing and activities are being done as soon as possible.

The following are a couple of crucial advantages of using project management systems;

1Upgrades team working and use collaboration tools in a company  
2Permits resource management to track project
3Assists groups with task management in framework and understanding the requirements of the projects  
4Helps with controlling expenses and overseeing spending plan  
5Assists with resource allocation and predicts team member’s progress  
6Works with far-off cooperation for groups that are circulated or follow a hybrid work model  

Features of Project Management Software

1 – Team Collaboration

The task of the Project management software is to assign a task to team members and track their progress. It means that the critical partners of the task ought to have the option to access and refresh the project management software business archives at whatever point they need to.

This way, the project management software will help you control and verify the managers to astonishing access levels to the team members.

2 – Project Schedules

Planning is one of the main features of project management software. Typically, the current task of the Project Management system gives the capacity to draw Gantt charts about action planning.

Moreover, action conditions can likewise be added to the timetables, so such programming will show you the fundamental task way and later changes to the primary way.

Scheduling is likewise a helpful feature of project management software companies.

 Typically, a task is given when the requirements are settled.

When The project manager changes conditions, the software will add new needs to the project later. 

The project management software dashboard can counter the new timetable and the project schedules to determine the task degree and cost deviations.

3 -Track Progress

During the project life cycle, Team members face many issues with the project management platform that need consistent following and checking. 

In this manner, the task of the Project Management system ought to have highlights to track and screen the issues detailed by different small teams.

4 – Project Portfolio Management

The project portfolio of the managers is one of the critical standpoints when an organization has taken part in more than one project.

 Project Management software like Koncept Solutions helps businesses screen different tasks, so the company generally knows how the projects progress.

You may not need this component if you are a small business with two or three projects. 

In such a case, you ought to choose project management software for small businesses, as such high points could be very costly, and you can get a free version also.

5 – Document Management

In a project template, many records have to be used. The more significant part of these records is that they should be available to team members based on their needs.

Therefore, a good project management software should have a report to the Project office with the proper access control situation.

Also, Software will form reports at whatever point. You can add new details. In this manner, the software’s reporting feature will help track progress.

6 – Resource Management

Resource Management of the task is one of the critical expectations of the project software. The Feature includes both HR and other departments.

The project program should show every asset’s usage throughout the project life cycle.


By now, you should have a better understanding of what project management software by Koncept Solutions can offer to your business. Eastern Highway feels lucky that have found koncept solutions project management software, Check out the EHC case study to get more information about how our PMS software helps them achieve their goals. Not only will Our Software let you organize and structure your projects, but it will also give your team an easy way to stay on track. We assure that your business becomes more efficient, launches projects faster, and improves your chances of success.

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