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Pak Glorious Enterprises

Customize Software (Warehouse Management System)

Pak Glorious Enterprise is a premium Healthcare, life science, waste management, and metrological sales and services company that believes in providing application-oriented service and solving our customer’s problems.


Pak Glorious needed software to help them keep track of all their inventory. The key problems that needed to be solved were:

  • Pak Glorious has a huge marketplace. They needed a centralized purchasing and distribution system.
  • The equipment is supplied to many hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies. They needed to manage all the inventory sent to these clients and manage records.
  • Pak Glorious is involved both in the import and manufacturing of products. They wanted a system that could manage their production and keep its record.
  • Another major issue faced by the company was solving the issue of its financial transactions. There was a need for a system that could update their finances and track records of their transactions.
  • Like every business, Pak-Glorious needed a platform where they could generate their monthly and yearly progress reports, inventory reports, and finance reports.


Koncept Solutions provided Pak Glorious Enterprises with customized Warehouse Management Software with the following features

  • Head Office Control
  • Inventory Transfer from Shop -Shop
  • Invoice listing with all shops 
  • Production Management 
  • Work order and Profit Calculation
  • Transaction Accounts Recorded 
  • Yearly Business Report.
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