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National Traders

Customize Software (Inventory Management System)

National Traders is a company dealing with the manufacturing and supply of Security Wires in Pakistan. They use raw materials for the production of goods which are then transported to shops for selling.


National Traders initially used SAP for Warehouse managementQuick Book for Accounts handling, and Excel for Inventory Management. But as quoted by the company’s manager their staff was finding it hard to switch in between the different Softwares.

Some other issues faced by National Traders were

  • Keeping Record of Financial Transactions
  • Constant Updates about the Changes in Market Prices (Changes in Prices of Raw Materials -Changes in End Price of Product)
  • Inventory Record (Raw Materials, Processed Goods, Damaged Products, etc.)
  • Calculation of the Daily Workload and Work Progress.


Taking into view these problems Koncept Solutions provided National Traders with Inventory Management System with the following features

  1. Track their sales (send invoices or receipts)
  2. Manage their Inventory
  3. Manage their clients
  4. Manage their accounts & transactions
  5. Track their profits
  6. Manage multiple warehouses 
  7. Access their business reports with one click
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