Customize Softwares

Koncept Solutions International helps businesses and organizations to build Custom based software solutions to help the companies automate their business according to their current business flows rather than implementing the pre developed softwares.

Website Applications

Our web application development services help clients realize the power of the web to become smarter, more connected, and more efficient.It helps organisations reach new customers and let them know about the organization and the services provided by it.

We are experts at designing, and implementing custom web applications that conform to your business.Web applications can play a crucial role in the branding process. It is easier to maintain a proper communication channel between potential customers and the business organization.

By combining strategy, communication, and technical creativity, we'll help you streamline your business processes in order to save you time
and money, while improving interactions with all those connected to you.

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Content Management System

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You have a vision for your website and you want to control the content. But you are not a programmer. Don't worry, Koncept Solution can help by setting you up with a Content Management System. They allow design partners to quickly and easily build web sites for businesses that not only look great, but are intuitive and drive traffic to the site.

A CMS allows you to control the content with little programming or web knowledge. Sometimes customization of an out-of-the-box CMS is needed, and we can help there as well. It allows you to keep your site organised, up to date and looking great.

A Content management system organises all your content so you have a clear structure, so your website visitors easily find your what they are looking. Having a CSM improves SEO, as you can create a blog and make changes to existing content.

Custom Desktop Applications

Not everything should be on the web. Highly sensitive and missioncritical applications need the safety and security of running on dedicated hardware. Koncept Solution has the expertise to design and build robust desktop applications for every budget and need.

Custom application development gives you the power to get the exact functionality you need from your application. Business developers themselves determine the features that will make their custom application align with their needs.

A desktop applications specialist is responsible for installing and maintaining these systems, as well as troubleshooting any technical computer issues that a customer or company employee might encounter. Other duties may include answering questions from customers regarding their workstations

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We offer many other Customize Softwares like
Pre-Existing Software Customer Relationship Management and many more.

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