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e-commerce business in Pakistan

How to start and Run a Successful e-commerce Business in Pakistan?

If you are a traditional businessman and looking for an online business. You must be thinking about, How to start an e-commerce business in Pakistan?

It is very easy to start an e-commerce business in Pakistan because internet usage is raising day by day not only in Pakistan but worldwide.

 Over 4.6 billion people worldwide use the Internet today, and in just the previous year alone, there was a 319 million increase in the overall number of Internet users worldwide.

 This shows that 875,000 new users are added daily on average. These numbers show how quickly the Internet is overtaking the world.

There has been a change in the world of Internet commerce as a result of the rising popularity of Internet use.

According to Statistica, worldwide retail e-commerce sales will reach $4.28 trillion in 2020. The continued growth of online trading has also been facilitated by smartphones, social media, and similar technologies

 The shift in marketing from traditional marketing to online marketing is already happening. It only seems logical that you, as an entrepreneur, follow the flow as a result. Actually, aiming to expand your business is a smart move.

 If you’re considering How to start an e-commerce business in Pakistan, you might find all the information you need right here.

You will discover all you need in this article, How to start an e-commerce business in Pakistan, and how Koncept solutions can help you in achieving your goals.

What is an e-commerce Business in Pakistan?

E-commerce business in Pakistan means any business transaction that happens online. To save time and money people start to get used to online shopping.

However, there are very few reliable and authentic stores where customers may get the exact item that is shown on the product page.

E-commerce Business in Pakistan is not a new concept in the current digital era. And it’s fair to say that the concept of online transactions has spread everywhere that the Internet.

With more than 4 billion people using the Internet worldwide, e-commerce has grown to become a huge business.

 Everyone is searching for a better strategy or way to complete a lot of work in the smallest amount of time.

Nowadays, very few customers prefer to buy goods through traditional methods. The procedure has grown to be perceived as being time-consuming and needlessly demanding.

Online retailers are developing new fashion-related items and designs, enabling customers to order from any part of the world.

 The time is ideal for Pakistani businesspeople and entrepreneurs to show off their innovative and world’s best goods to both locals and people around the world.

e-commerce business in pakistan

Why Pakistan is suitable for e-commerce Business?

Internet usage in Pakistan increasing day by day. And these figures don’t seem to be slowing down. Clearly, this indicates that Pakistan is suitable for the expansion and advancement of e-commerce.

Here, are some reasons why Pakistan is more favorable for online entrepreneurs:

Product Quality

Low prices may make your customers happy in the short term, but it is the quality of your products that will keep them coming back for more. Producing a high-quality product begins long before concerns about manufacturing or inspection arise.

A high-quality product is only as good as its design from conception to consumption.


The cost of setting up an e-commerce business in Pakistan varies greatly depending on the size and complexity of your endeavor.

Most e-commerce businesses in Pakistan, on the other hand, can be launched at a low cost. According to one study, new large-scale e-commerce businesses in Pakistan can expect total business expenses of up to 2 million in their first year, which will be reimbursed to the owner through profit margins.

Operating costs include incorporation and legal fees.

Government policy

Government policy is ready to facilitate online buyers and sellers, by promoting a suitable environment, and finance, empowering youth, and using payment infrastructure for inclusion taxation consumer protection, shipping data sovereignty, and participation in the multi-lateral discussion because it has a positive impact on the country’s economy.

How to start an e-commerce business in Pakistan?

Currently, the online shopping sector is growing. But far too many e-Commerce businesses have failed to take off.

Utilize the information to create your online store, protect yourself legally, handle your funds, promote and sell your products, and begin the process of creating your online store.

Starting a business from scratch and seeing it succeed. It is yours to construct, and no one can take it away from you. The steps for starting an e-commerce business in Pakistan are outlined below:

Niche research

Niche research is of utmost importance for a successful e-commerce business in Pakistan. The proper specialty selection is crucial for successful e-commerce in Pakistan.

You won’t be able to compete with Best Buy or Amazon or imitate them unless you have a significant budget.

Finding a niche that interests you and has a lot of potential is essential for operating a successful e-commerce business. When picking a niche, some things to keep in mind are:

  1. The market’s dimensions.
  2. The degree of rivalry.
  3. The niche’s profitability.
  4. The prospect of expansion.
  5. How passionate you are about the industry.
  6. Your level of expertise.
  7. The most important step in starting an online business is selecting a specialty.

Market research

The next step, if you have a product in mind, is to evaluate whether there is a market for it. You can achieve this by carrying out some market research.

The process of learning more about a specific market, including your target audience’s demographics, needs, and purchasing power, is known as market research.

Making an informed decision about whether to pursue your company concept requires thorough research and the collection of as much data as you can.

Fortunately, Facebook helps find your target audience online is easy. Determine precisely who and how many you want to target. You may dig further to find very specific facts and population data.

Sourcing your products

Finding a supplier is the next step after deciding on a product. You can do this by searching online or getting in touch with manufacturers.

The following things should be taken into account when looking for a supplier:

  • Product quality is important, so make sure you get a high-quality item from a dependable seller.
  • Price-As are certain that you are receiving the finest deal available.
  • Delivery Time: The vendor must be able to deliver the goods on schedule each and every time.
  • Customer Assistance: The supplier must be eager to provide top-notch support and customer care.
  • Warranty: The product should be covered by a warranty from the supplier.

Register your e-commerce business

When you have done all the necessary research, it is now time to register your business. By visiting the SECP Pakistan website and completing the necessary documentation.

Choose an online store name

Make sure you choose a unique and catchy business name. Once your company has been registered, be sure you trademark it to prevent fraud.

e-commerce business in Pakistan

Top highly ranked e-commerce websites in Pakistan

The e-commerce market in Pakistan is expanding quickly. People are choosing new avenues for making money. To expand our online business, we simply need a solid plan. Then there are those that take advantage of the situation and provide a comprehensive shopping platform where everyone may find items that appeal to them. Platforms like Daraz and Telemart have been mentioned frequently. However, other platforms operate fairly admirably, and they too have a large selection of products on their websites.

Financial management plan for an e-commerce business in Pakistan

Undoubtedly, the most important aspect of a corporation is its financial aspect. Determine the point at which you have sold enough units to break even (in months). Any viable business needs financial and material investment. It is the responsibility of the CEO to use resources to generate a profit.

Sad to observe is how few business owners try to budget for their revenue and expenses. If you are unable to calculate your profit margin, you will fail.

You should also tie up any loose ends at this time, including those involving your workforce, product distribution, procurement, and marketing budget.

Make sure you are fully informed about your financial possibilities.

Stock management plan

Additionally, you should have a plan for your stock. How much stock is considered sufficient and how much excess? You don’t want to be forced to hold onto unsold deadstock.

If you have a lot of products to manage, inventory management software might help you keep your business organized.

When it comes to opening your store, preparation is essential. Even if you’re dropshipping, you’ll still need to know how much to order, where to get your products, and when they’ll arrive.

E-commerce Businesses in Pakistan have concerns beyond the things they are selling. They also need to worry about how their clients will receive such things.

Depending on your business strategy, you might also need to collaborate with a third-party logistics provider or make an investment in shipping software. Make sure you are familiar with the customs rules and any applicable taxes or charges.

Create your online store

Make sure your store has a professional appearance and is simple to use while designing it. You must also set up shipping and payment options, as well as general product descriptions and prices.

Additionally, you must choose your order processing strategy. Either you or a fulfillment service can handle this.

You’ll need to put up a system for handling and following up on orders if you decide to do it yourself. Make sure you choose a fulfillment service that is respectable and has a solid reputation if you use one.

Promote your e-commerce business in Pakistan

You cannot guarantee that customers will visit your e-commerce site. To let people know that your store exists, you must advertise.

You need to consider your keywords and search phrases on each page of your website, in your URLs, and in your marketing activities. You should also consider how to attract visitors to your website.

e-commerce business in pakistan

Final words

It can be challenging to launch an e-commerce business in Pakistan. However, it may be a profitable and fruitful endeavor with the correct planning and guidance.

These are some tried and tested guidance to start and run an e-commerce business, which Koncept solutions doing for over years as a dedicated  IT-  Company.

Koncept solutions recognize that one strategy does not fit all. You can use this guide to put them into action and track their effectiveness in the specific niche you want to grow in.

This article enables you how to tweak the same tips or create new ones. If so, please share them with us as well. To give your company the best chance of success, use the guidance in this article.


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