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Koncept Solutions International helps businesses and organizations to build Following categories of websites

Blogging Websites

Online journal or informational page that’s regularly updated. Blogs are informal articles written for the purpose of showing thought leadership and expertise on a topic.

They are a great way to generate fresh content on a website and provide a catalyst for email marketing, social media promotion to drive search traffic to your website.

It uses pages to organize and present information about a business and collects user feedback by adding a contact form.

You can also say that blogs have articles that are organized using categories and tags. On the other hand, websites use pages to organize and display content.

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Business Websites

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Generic website detailing all areas of a business.Having a website and online presence strategy allows you to market your business online.A website is also important because it helps to establish credibility as a business.

You want to grow your business. You want new and innovative ideas. You want to become a leader in your industry.A website not only gives credibility but it also helps to give a positive impression that your company is bigger and more successful.

If you want to show the world that you take your business seriously, then it is time to invest in a professional website. In an age when more than 50% of smartphone users discover a new company or product while searching on their smartphones, not having a website can damage your credibility.

E-Commerce Websites

Website selling products or services.One of the most important aspects of having your own website is that you can market directly to website visitors and customers. Unlike marketplaces, where people who buy your product are the customers of the marketplace.

Having your own ecommerce website helps you better understand your customers. This includes demographics such as their location, as well as how they found your website and heard about you. You can analyze their behavior on your website.

Ecommerce website builders allow you to organize your website with clear product categories, product descriptions, product images, and any other ecommerce features which give store owners a customized ecommerce solution.

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Educational Websites

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Usually an interactive website with educational information on any given topic. Educational websites can include websites that have games, videos or topic related resources that act as tools to enhance learning and supplement classroom teaching. These websites help make the process of learning entertaining and attractive to the student.

They are websites that support different educational sectors by providing access to relevant information and tools to each group served. Instructors can find valuable educational resources to develop their teaching.

A successful educational website offers loads of information, content, materials, and images. Custom illustrations or icons set are other features your website can benefit from, and they're a great choice for those brands whose business tone is easygoing and friendly.

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