Solution for Fabrication

Koncept Solutions provides easy and affordable complete solution for fabricators for shop management. The solution provides estimating, production control, inventory control, purchasing etc

Every business faces global pressure to increase their profitability. One approach is to reduce costs. But, reducing the capabilities of the computer center negatively impacts the entire company. Automation software is a better and more intelligent approach to cost containment and reduction.

As an organization’s technology demands grow, productivity becomes a bigger concern. Typically, as other business areas were given tools to increase their productivity and effectiveness, IT operations took a back seat.

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Key Features

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  • Prevent Supply Losses.
  • Meet Compliance Regulations.
  • Keeps Trade Secrets Safe.
  • Turn Out Products Faster.
  • Prepare for Changing Demands.


  • Production Management.
  • Manufacturing Accounting.
  • Transportation and Logistics.
  • Asset Management.
  • Product Management.
  • Supply Chain Management.